Cuban sandwiches with coleslaw

This dish won First place in our Bison Chef Challenge in 2015
Chef Kristin Sherlock


Warm Water2 Cups
White Sugar1/2 Cup
Active Dry Yeast2 Tbs
Eggs2 Full
Oil6 Tbs
White Flour7 1/2 Cups


  • Add sugar to water, stir till dissolved, sprinkle yeast over top and let sit for 5 minutes.
  • Add 2 eggs and oil, mix till combined
  • Then gradually add flour stirring till it’s too thick, then knead
  • Dough should be smooth and elastic do not need for more than three minutes.
  • Coat a bowl at least 3 times as large as the dough with oil.
  • Cover with a warm wet cloth and put in a warm area to proof.
  • Punch down after thirty minutes. Repeat 3x then you can form your dough into buns or loafs.
  • Let sit another 10minutes before baking.
  • Bake until golden brown, you can rub some butter on the outside for a crispier crust. Let cool and your bread is ready to use.

Pulled Bison

Bison Chuck1 Lb
Oil1 Tbs
White Onion1 Small
Minced Cloved Garlic3
Rosemary1 Sprig
Beer (Your Favourite)1 Can
Beef Stock1 1/2 Cup


  • First of get a skillet pan and heat oil, add onion, garlic, Rosemary, sautéed until fragrant
  • Add bison, brown on all edges to caramelize
  • Put all into a roasting pan and then deglaze the pan with the beer, scrape the rest into the roasting pan and add stock and remaining beer
  • Cover and let go for an hour and a half.

Barbecue Sauce

Ketchup1 1/2 Cup
Brown Sugar1 Cup
Salt & PepperDash Of Each
Worcestershire1 Tbs
Chilli Flakes3 Tbs
Apple Cider Vinegar3 Tbs
Chili Powder1/2 Tsp


  • Combine All, Let Sit 1/2 Hour

Coleslaw & Dressing

Red Cabbage1/2 Cup
Carrots Julienned1/4 Cup
Green Onions1/4 Cup
Cilantro1 Tbs
Yellow Pepper1/4 Cup


  • Cut to your select sizing, combine together.


Mayo1/2 Cup
Honey2 Tbs
Lime Squeezed1 Lime
Chilli Flakes1/2 Tsp
Pickled Ginger30 ml
Salt & PepperTo Taste


  • Combine all in a blender and blend till smooth Cuban sandwich Butter Whole grain mustard Sylvan star smoked Gouda ( or a local favourite near you) Pickles (homemade or store bought)
  • Using your bread that you made spread some butter on the inside and outside, mustard on both inside prices, a layer of cheese, sliced pickles, pulled bison and another layer of cheese, put in a panini press and cook until it’s hot and golden. Cut in half and serve next to your coleslaw for a fresh spring and summer meal. Great with a cold beer.

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