Your Guide to the Best Bison Meat Cuts

Learn the secrets of bison meat selection with our interactive bison cuts visual guide. Click on different parts of the bison to discover the full spectrum of culinary possibilities—sumptuous bison ribeye, bison top sirloin, bison tenderloin, savoury ground meat, and so much more. Every cut tells a tale of taste. Unleash your creativity as you navigate cuts and plan your next gourmet adventure. Click, discover, savour!

Meat Sections

Trim, Offals, & Bones



The maturity of the carcass is directly related to tenderness. Youthful carcasses are the most tender. Maturity is assessed by the amount of cartilage hardening (ossification) on the ends of 9th, 10th, and the 11th vertebrae.

Muscle development is related to meat yields.

Fat color, thickness and firmness affect consumer acceptance and meat yields.

4. MEAT:
Meat color and texture affect consumer acceptance and shelf life.

Bison meat grading chart


The CFIA is Canada’s national regulatory agency which enforces federal laws relating to animal health and the safety of Canadian bison. CFIA and Health Canada work together to ensure a science based food safety system.

All bison are traced using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), as well the program includes Premises Identification (A geographical location) Animal Movement recording and reporting.

Canada requires the internationally recognized HACCP system to be fully implemented at all Canadian plants exporting bison.

Each carcass is examined by the CFIA to ensure it meets the requirements of the Meat Inspection Act and Regulations.

Scientific research has shown that BSE infectivity is concentrated in specific tissues of an animal which have been defined as SRM’s. Canada removes all tissues which are classified as SRM’s by the World Health Organization.

Temperature monitoring is conducted throughout the bison production process as required by each meat plant HACCP food safety system.

Canada’s Animal Disease Surveillance Unit works to detect and respond to potentially emerging animal diseases.

The health of bison is monitored on the farm and immediately before slaughter.

Canada has strict regulations for feed production which are enforced by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.