The History of Rangeland Bison

At 21 years old, Armin Mueller fearlessly immigrated from Switzerland to explore the untamed terrain, rolling grasslands, and hilly pastures of Canada’s West. With a background in the dairy industry, Armin set off to establish a successful dairy herd near Lacombe, Alberta. Yet, an innate desire to connect with nature more profoundly emerged.

Fueled by the Wild West tales from his childhood, Armin seized an opportunity and impulsively bought 400 bison cows. At the time, Canada’s bison market was in its infancy, but Armin’s unwavering determination laid the groundwork for growth that would change his course and the future of bison farming as a whole. In 2000, Canadian Rangeland Bison was born.

Today, Canadian Rangeland Bison (Rangeland) commits to offering exclusive, premium-quality bison meat to discerning global food service and retail markets. This commitment extends to supporting local Canadian bison producers and their families, fostering equitable partnerships, and leading community growth.

Pioneering ethical practices, Rangeland proudly stands as one of the few third-party certified bison marketers. In collaboration with SGS, a global certification body, a stringent annual auditing program ensures the highest quality meat—from gate to plate.

Rangeland’s journey embodies purity. Every aspect of our bison farming and operations are meticulously curated: 100% Canadian, devoid of antibiotics, growth promotants, and animal by-products. The result? Gourmet meats that reflect the heart of the Canadian Prairies, connecting people to the land in a culinary narrative of ethics, quality, and sustainability.

Our Mission

At Canadian Rangeland Bison, we’ve bucked against the ordinary to give our customers what they need and deserve: the extraordinary.

Our premium, exclusive bison meat is for the bold and discerning. Not only is it nutrient-rich and delicious, it’s also sustainably farmed and ethically produced.

Here, we support local Canadian bison producers and their families, as well as the Canadian domestic processing industry. We buy local bison, and we’re committed to being a fair partner in everything we do.

Our Values

Local Empowerment: Strengthening Canadian producers and communities, fostering change.

Sustainability Drivers: Spearheading eco-friendly domestic processing practices.

Bold Quality Champions: Revolutionizing upscale markets with the finest bison, setting new standards.

Health Innovators: Redefining red meat’s healthiness and taste, breaking traditional norms.

Global Impact: Spreading our values, influencing international consumption patterns.

Holistic Trailblazers: Marrying ethical production with mindful consumption for a harmonious ecosystem.

Culinary Mavericks: Leading a movement towards healthier, sustainable food choices.

Our Legacy

Inspiring Bison Legacy: A $4 Million Investment at Lakeland College

Canadian Rangeland Bison’s profound affection for bison fuels our journey. Starting with our own bison herd in 2000, passion propelled us to emerge as premier bison suppliers, spanning North America and Europe. This same fervour now drives our contribution to Lakeland College’s animal science technology program.

In February 2020, our owners, Armin and Rita Mueller, donated $4 million to establish a bison herd at the college. This landmark initiative empowers Lakeland to expand its unique program, offering hands-on bison management alongside beef, crop, dairy, and sheep enterprises. This infusion also facilitates comprehensive training in range and forage management and participation in impactful research projects.

By immersing students in direct bison engagement, the Muellers, and Canadian Rangeland Bison aim to ignite interest among animal science and agricultural students. Our goal is to cultivate a generation dedicated to raising bison while championing sustainable agricultural practices, ones that mirror our own ethos.

As a creature deeply rooted in Canadian history and imagination, we envision a future where bison herds thrive across Canadian ranches. This investment isn’t just about dollars; it’s about nurturing a legacy that connects people, passion, and the land itself.

We’re honoured that Armin and Rita have chosen to support Lakeland College and our students with this donation to Leading. Learning. The Lakeland Campaign. It’s the largest single gift Lakeland has ever received. I admire Armin’s passion for the bison industry and dedication to sustainable agricultural practices. I know Lakeland and our students will benefit from this visionary investment for years to come.
Dr. Alice Wainwright-Stewart