Bison’s Ethical Odyssey: Pasture to Plate

Canadian Rangeland Bison’s pledge transcends farming. It embraces humane care and ethics. It respects the instincts, dignity, and well-being of bison as they grow and thrive in Western Canada’s great expanse. Here, feeding areas mirror bison’s natural behaviour, nurturing harmony. Gentle handling, regular checks, and thoughtful processing prioritize their health. A natural, vegetarian diet ensures purity. There are no artificial growth hormones, and antibiotics are reserved solely for health. From the prairies to your plate, each bite of high quality bison meat echoes stewardship, sustainability, and respect.

Our Ranchers

Ethical Excellence: Bison’s Journey from Farm to Fork

Canadian Rangeland Bison’s commitment to bison encompasses a holistic approach, intertwining humane care with ethical practices—from farm to fork.

1. Respectful Husbandry

The well-being of our bison is paramount. Born and raised in Western Canada’s open spaces, our bison live where their instincts thrive. From pasture to processing, producers’ ownership ensures their dignity is maintained.

2. Natural Feeding Facilities

The natural behaviour of bison guides their feeding environments. Social groups, ample space, clean water, and rest areas mirror their instincts and protect their comfort.

3. Gentle Handling

Stress-free handling governs all our interactions. Regular checks and acclimatization foster our bison’s well-being, while timely processing safeguards their health.

4. Nature’s Nourishment

Bison thrive on an all-natural, vegetarian diet free from by-products. Here, only approved feeds and supplements find their place, ensuring purity.

5. Purity Preserved

Growth hormones and unnecessary antibiotics are shunned. Antibiotics are used solely for individual animal health, with stringent record-keeping.

From the vast Canadian prairies to your plate, Canadian Rangeland Bison embodies ethical excellence. Each tender bite of high-quality bison meat speaks to humane stewardship and an ethical food supply chain.

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