Western Canadian Bison Ranchers:
Shaping Sustainable Bison Farming

Discover the pioneering spirit of Western Canada’s bold bison ranchers. Ethical practices, sustainable farming, and premium-quality meat define these trailblazers. Join us in exploring their stories. Learn how they’re embracing the wild and standing up for healthier futures through sustainable bison ranching practices.

Western Bison Farmers:
A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Meet Western Canadian bison farmers who epitomize tradition and innovation. Rooted in diverse backgrounds, they unite to conserve the land and deliver premium bison meat with uncompromising flavour and quality. Their hands-on practices, bridging generations of wisdom, align with advanced animal welfare and ecological harmony. As land stewards, their commitment stretches beyond bison rearing, cultivating a sustainable legacy with every savoury serving.

Peace River Ranch
Amidst the Peace Region’s scenic landscape, Robert manages 12,000 natural acres at Peace River Ranch Ltd. Nearly 3,500 bison thrive in their natural habitat, enjoying…
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Frontier Farm
For 27 years, Judy and Erwin Van Haren have nurtured bison herds at Frontier Farm, Lacombe, Alberta. A family venture, they transitioned from dairy to…
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Pilatus Ranches
Michelle and Steven at Pilatus Ranches, Bentley, Alberta, continue a multi-generational tradition. Bison farming since 2014, they’re driven by a love for agriculture, rural living,…
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Klukus Lake Ranch
With a proud history spanning over 40 years in the bison and cattle industry, Klukus Lake Ranch covers an impressive 4,000 acres. Established in 1980,…
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Liberty Run Ranch
A multi-generational bison legacy, where family, freedom, and the open prairie unite to nurture quality, tradition, and a boundless future. Located in a small village…
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