Big Rock Ale braised Bison Chuck

Rosted corn and Sylvan Star “Old Grizzly” Succotash

This dish won Third place in our Bison Chef Challenge in 2015
Chef: Jacob Farley

Makes 2 Portions

Bison Chuck570g
Roasted Corn and Sylvan Star “Old Grizzly” Succotash160g
Big Rock Traditional Ale1L
Black Beans, Cooked50g
White onion, small dice200g
Old Gizzly Gouda, shredded30g
White Mushrooms, quartered150g
Soy beans/Edamame, shelled100g
Garlic Chopped10g
Sweety peps (Pickled mini peppers)20g
Fresh Rosemary4g
Chorizo Sausage, raw small dice60g
Brown Veal stock (or beef stock)200ml
Red skinned potato, peeled200g
Shallots roasted1 whole
Canola oil15ml
Garlic, roasted½ bulb


  • Marinate the bison in ale overnight
  • Saute the onions, chopped garlic and mushrooms in butter until golden brown
  • Add the bison chuck, ale and stock and simmer covered for 3 hours until tender
  • Remove the meat and keep it warm. Reduce the braising liquid until thickened and desired concentration of flavours has been achieved, season to taste.
  • To make succotash: Season and lightly oil the corn, tossing it with the edamame beans and chorizo, roast it for 1- minutes at 375F. Then combine it with the black beans, sweety peps and cheese. Season to taste. (You can substitute diced red peppers or pickled sliced banana peppers)
  • Bake the succotash in the over until hot and cheese is starting to melt
  • Boil the potatoes until very tender. Puree/mash the potatoes with the roasted garlic and shallots
  • Slice the bison and plate with the potato puree and succotash. Ladle a generous amount of the sauce over the meat.

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