It’s Carnivore Month!

Indulge in the primal delight of Carnivore Month! Elevate your all-meat experience by incorporating the exceptional quality of Rangeland meat into your carnivore diet. Dive into the benefits of bison meat—celebrated for its rich nutritional profile and sustainability. This month, savor the simplicity and power of a meat-centric approach, discovering the vitality, clarity, and energy that come from embracing high-quality, protein-packed options. Carnivore Month is your invitation to explore the extraordinary taste and benefits of Rangeland meats, making every carnivorous bite a celebration of health and flavor.

Bison Brand’s Edgy Makeover Redefines the Meat Industry

In a bold move to transform the meat industry, Bison Brand embarked on a mission to promote the health benefits of bison meat and create widespread excitement. Through a complete rebranding, including a fresh logo and packaging, the company adopted a bold new voice inspired by the strength of the mighty bison. The result is an innovative campaign reflecting the forward-thinking direction of the company, capturing the essence of power and untamed spirit.

Bison Brand’s daring reinvention, born out of a collaboration with Bark Studio Design, positions them as pioneers in promoting a sustainable and healthier alternative to traditional meat. With their edgy new look, they aim to inspire a wave of enthusiasts to join the bison meat revolution, benefitting both people’s health and Mother Nature.

Armin Mueller

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we inform you of the passing of Armin Mueller.

Armin purchased Canadian Rangeland in 2001 and over the next twenty years, he made it a driving force in the Canadian Bison Industry. His vision and foresight inspired the construction of a custom harvest facility in Lacombe; a much-needed infrastructure, that would cultivate the growth of a burgeoning meat market. Armin’s love and admiration for the bison never faltered through the many upswings and downturns over the years. With passion, dedication and transparent devotion, he heightened awareness for the industry as a whole.

It is not often that life brings us someone like Armin: a mentor, an entrepreneur and a friend. After he sold Canadian Rangeland, he continued to give back to the bison industry with his generous donation to Lakeland College. Through this legacy, the Bison Herd Management program was created to inspire and engage a whole new generation of bison ranchers.

Our deepest sympathies go out to Armin’s family and all those who knew him. Forever in our hearts and our herds.

A memorial service for Armin will be held at the Blindman Valley Agriculture Centre in Bentley on Saturday, October 15th , at 11:00 a.m. Please join us in this celebration of life.

Rangeland Producer Updates

Did you know that July is National Bison BBQ month? In our minds every month should be dedicated to this great animal!

In this issue of the Rangeland Producer we will not only highlight some of our new products to ensure that bison gets on more grills this summer, but also the perfect smoker to use to take your summer cooking to the next level.

Additionally, we are excited about a new program at Lakeland College that we encourage you can become a part of.

We hope you have a great start to your summer!


HelloFresh! HelloBison!

Canadian Rangeland Bison is thrilled to announce that starting in July they will be partnering with HelloFresh, the online home delivery service committed to offering fresh, nutritious meals that are delivered fresh and ready to be prepared at home.

As we are all aware, the pandemic has drastically curtailed the dining out experience with the closure or take-out only options at many restaurants. This has led to an increased acceptance of fresh, home delivery food services, and thus, HelloFresh has seen exponential growth in the last 12-15 months.

In an attempt to continue to offer new and exciting products for their growing customer base, the addition of bison to the menu was exactly what they were looking for.

Their support of the concept, Sustainable by Nature, could be a perfect tagline for bison producers everywhere. HelloFresh orders ingredients directly from producers so that the grocery kits are delivered fresh, without multiple stops in various retail warehouses, to guarantee the best tasting product on the market.
The spokesperson for Hello Fresh, Michael Mardini, states that the first bison menu will be shipped to customers between June 26 – July 1st for the Week 26 menu. Following that Bison will be featured approximately every other week for the span of Q3.

Mardini goes on to say “that bison is a perfect fit for our program at HelloFresh and really speaks to our overall sourcing philosophy. We love to showcase high-quality Canadian ingredients, particularly in the protein category. I’m excited to be able to offer so many Canadians the chance to try bison, which I think is fair to say they may not have tried otherwise.”

HelloFresh is also working towards producing a more carbon-neutral meal kit, aiming to be the first of its kind, and so by supporting the bison industry they are supporting regenerative farming practices and giving back to the environment.

Dr. Wendy Davis ND, Naturopathic Doctor, promotes bison to many of her patients due to its excellent nutrient profile and the fact it is a very clean, hormone-free meat option. Having used HelloFresh herself Davis appreciates how easy the kits are to use and the excellent ingredient selection.

Canadian Rangeland CEO Dean Andres added the collaboration between Canadian Rangeland Bison and HelloFresh is an exciting one as it will give extensive exposure to bison in a significant and growing market.

Starting in late June you can order bison to be delivered to you fresh and ready to prepare.

Herb Crusted Bison Burger

with Chunky Steak Fries

It’s time to celebrate Canadian-raised bison – packed full of flavour and extra lean for delicious burgers. The rosemary and thyme crust boosts the earthy goodness, while creamy gooey cheddar cascades down the patty. And you can’t have a burger without chunky steak cut fries!

New Bison Bites from Canadian Rangeland & Meat Chops!

Since our regenerative collaboration with Meat Chops Snacks Canada began, Meat Chops has been working hard to take the bison sourced from our herds, and deliver premium bison jerky snacks. Meat Chops has launched their first bison snack product, the new Bison Bites made from 100% grass-fed and Canadian-raised bison!

Incredible Flavour & Benefits

The Meat Chops Bison Bites are currently available in delicious black pepper flavour, and are soft and chewable for happy snacking. Bison jerky also makes a flavourful, health-conscious alternative to traditional beef-based snacks. These 70g packs are chock full of protein for that extra kick to help you get through the day, while containing less fat and calories and more nutrients per gram than beef.

Collaboration Between Land, Animal, and Humanity

Due to our shared values in sustainability, animal welfare, and high quality naturally raised meat, the land steward ranchers at Canadian Rangeland and the creative and talented crafters at Meat Chops Snacks Canada have proudly pushed forth with this regenerative collaboration to provide delicious and healthy snacks to consumers. It has been a great honour for our bison to be a part of the Meat Chops journey. Meat Chops Snacks and the Bison Bites are all 100% Canadian raised with natural ingredients, wholesome nutrient-density, and conscientious environmental choices. You’ll taste the land regeneration in every bite.

Hungry to give Bison Bites a try? See if they are available at a store near you, or buy them online from the Meat Chops online store for $8.99 CAD + shipping. We hope that you enjoy them—we certainly do!