New Bison Bites from Canadian Rangeland & Meat Chops!

Bison Bites

Since our regenerative collaboration with Meat Chops Snacks Canada began, Meat Chops has been working hard to take the bison sourced from our herds, and deliver premium bison jerky snacks. Meat Chops has launched their first bison snack product, the new Bison Bites made from 100% grass-fed and Canadian-raised bison!

Incredible Flavour & Benefits

The Meat Chops Bison Bites are currently available in delicious black pepper flavour, and are soft and chewable for happy snacking. Bison jerky also makes a flavourful, health-conscious alternative to traditional beef-based snacks. These 70g packs are chock full of protein for that extra kick to help you get through the day, while containing less fat and calories and more nutrients per gram than beef.

Collaboration Between Land, Animal, and Humanity

Due to our shared values in sustainability, animal welfare, and high quality naturally raised meat, the land steward ranchers at Canadian Rangeland and the creative and talented crafters at Meat Chops Snacks Canada have proudly pushed forth with this regenerative collaboration to provide delicious and healthy snacks to consumers. It has been a great honour for our bison to be a part of the Meat Chops journey. Meat Chops Snacks and the Bison Bites are all 100% Canadian raised with natural ingredients, wholesome nutrient-density, and conscientious environmental choices. You’ll taste the land regeneration in every bite.

Hungry to give Bison Bites a try? See if they are available at a store near you, or buy them online from the Meat Chops online store for $8.99 CAD + shipping. We hope that you enjoy them—we certainly do!