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In the year 2000, Swiss immigrant Armin Mueller ignited the bison revolution by acquiring 400 bison cows, birthing Canadian Rangeland Bison (Rangeland) as a pioneer in unwavering quality amid the vast Canadian prairies. Today, Rangeland stands as a global leader in bison excellence, rooted in a commitment to local producers and ethical partnerships, offering certified bison products of impeccable quality.

Today, Rangeland proudly stands as a testament to its legacy, fostering a commitment to local producers and ethical partnerships. Certified as bison marketers in collaboration with SGS, our offerings represent a standard of impeccable quality, challenging the norms of expediency in favor of authenticity.

Our journey continues with a new chapter, as Rangeland Bison brings together the Peace River Ranch (Fort St. John BC), Klukus Lake Ranch (Tomslake BC), Pilatus Ranch (Bentley AB), and Liberty Run Ranch (Windthorst SK). This collective partnership not only continues the rich legacy established by Armin Mueller but also champions land stewardship and the cultivation of food that promotes health for both individuals and the planet.

Supported by a network of over 50 ranchers in Western Canada, Rangeland’s mission spearheads regenerative agriculture towards a better world. Taste the essence of Canada’s heartlands through Rangeland’s meats—an embodiment of a pure legacy, plated for discerning palates, and a saga of tamed dreams unfolding with every bite.

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Rangeland Ranchers: Bold Bison Stewards

At Canadian Rangeland Bison, our ranchers redefine animal welfare. Our bison inhabit their natural kingdom, where vast space for roaming and grazing is their birthright. With minimal trucking, their stress is obliterated, and our quality soars.

Bound by a fierce commitment, our ranchers elevate the standards of raising and producing these magnificent beasts. No antibiotics, no growth boosters, no animal by-products—that’s their vow. It’s a resounding ode to humane treatment and respect.

The anthem is our Canadian heritage, from birth to plate. Space, freedom, and instinct thrive here. Our ranchers fuel the journey of those who nurture their animals in nature’s embrace. At Rangeland, it’s not just about raising bison; it’s about shaping a revolution.

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Alberta Food Processors Association Announces Winners of the ‘Best of Alberta’ Winner!

Meat & Seafood: Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk Inc. - Bison Premium Tomahawk AFPA congratulates all the winners for their dedication to producing locally made, high-quality, and delicious food and beverages. These awards not only…

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Bison Delmonico Steak
It’s Carnivore Month!

Indulge in the primal delight of Carnivore Month! Elevate your all-meat experience by incorporating the exceptional quality of Rangeland meat into your carnivore diet. Dive into the benefits of bison meat—celebrated for its rich nutritional…

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Bison Steak Bites
Steak Bites are now at Costco!

Steak bites are now at Costco! You can find them at locations throughout Ontario.

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Rangeland Rebrand
Bison Brand’s Edgy Makeover Redefines the Meat Industry

In a bold move to transform the meat industry, Bison Brand embarked on a mission to promote the health benefits of bison meat and create widespread excitement. Through a complete rebranding, including a fresh logo…

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