It’s Carnivore Month!

Indulge in the primal delight of Carnivore Month! Elevate your all-meat experience by incorporating the exceptional quality of Rangeland meat into your carnivore diet. Dive into the benefits of bison meat—celebrated for its rich nutritional profile and sustainability. This month, savor the simplicity and power of a meat-centric approach, discovering the vitality, clarity, and energy that come from embracing high-quality, protein-packed options. Carnivore Month is your invitation to explore the extraordinary taste and benefits of Rangeland meats, making every carnivorous bite a celebration of health and flavor.

Bison Brand’s Edgy Makeover Redefines the Meat Industry

In a bold move to transform the meat industry, Bison Brand embarked on a mission to promote the health benefits of bison meat and create widespread excitement. Through a complete rebranding, including a fresh logo and packaging, the company adopted a bold new voice inspired by the strength of the mighty bison. The result is an innovative campaign reflecting the forward-thinking direction of the company, capturing the essence of power and untamed spirit.

Bison Brand’s daring reinvention, born out of a collaboration with Bark Studio Design, positions them as pioneers in promoting a sustainable and healthier alternative to traditional meat. With their edgy new look, they aim to inspire a wave of enthusiasts to join the bison meat revolution, benefitting both people’s health and Mother Nature.