Big Dreams Award

Big Dreams Award

Big Dreams, Bright Futures

At Canadian Rangeland, we are driven by our love for bison and our commitment to supporting local producers and their families. By remaining tied to our roots in nature, we have brought home-raised nourishment from local farms to tables across Canada for more than 20 years. We are proud of our history, and now we look forward to shaping the future of the Canadian bison industry through an innovative partnership with Lakeland College.


Announced last year, our owners Armin and Rita Mueller worked to establish the first post-secondary bison herd management program in Canada with a generous donation and a shared dream of a bright future for our industry. This unique program will mentor and shape the next generation of bison farmers.


When we dream, we dream big.


That’s why we are proud to announce The Canadian Rangeland Bison Producers Big Dreams Award, a scholarship in partnership with Lakeland College that will benefit second-year students in the bison farming program.


Starting in the Fall of 2022, students will have the opportunity to win this exciting new scholarship. This is a unique opportunity to encourage more students to raise bison, but we need your help. We know we can go further together and ask that you consider giving to our scholarship fund. For every dollar you give, we will equally match your generosity – doubling our impact. If you are interested in helping us invest in the success of the next generation of bison producers, please consider visiting our donation form here.

raising bison
Thanks to Armin and Rita’s generous donation, Lakeland College students now help to raise bison near the Vermilion campus. Photo Credit: Lakeland College

For our valued producers, the opportunity to give to our scholarship fund will be included on all future purchasing agreements. If you have any questions about this process, please email by contacting Sheila by phone at 1-877-844-2231 or email at [email protected].


If you would like to donate, you can do so here:

“Starting this fall Lakeland College will launch its bison curriculum, providing students with a unique opportunity to learn about bison production. We can’t wait to see what the future of this program holds and look forward to seeing the impact that The Canadian Rangeland Bison Producers Big Dreams Award will have,” said Canadian Rangeland CEO, Dean Andres.

“This scholarship is about supporting and inspiring students who are interested in a career in the bison industry and is the first award of its kind at Lakeland,” added Colleen Symes, Director of External Relations at Lakeland College. “Everyone who contributes to this award will be helping our students in so many ways.”

“We’ve heard from students about the immediate impact of receiving an award – how it helps pay for rent and food and means less time working and more time studying. But just as valuable is the motivation gained when they are chosen as an award recipient. It boosts their confidence, reassures them that they are on the right path and inspires them to work even harder,” said Symes.

Our team at Rangeland thanks you for considering helping us to ensure the ongoing success of this one-of-a-kind program. We hope that by working together, we can spark an ongoing interest in the industry and build a future where new herds of bison roam the fields across the country.