Your Source For Local, Western Canadian Bison

At Canadian Rangeland, we are proud to source and process all our products primarily in Central Alberta. We believe that local sources of red meat are extremely important and we are working with several groups to reduce our region’s reliance on importing red meat from hundreds or thousands of miles away.
We feel strongly that people have a fundamental right to know the accurate facts about the foods they’re consuming. This is why we’re chosen to link with the amazing team behind Localize Project and partner with the Alberta Tourism Culinary Alliance to promote our local source of lean bison meat.


CEO Meghan Dear founded the Localize Project in 2011. Meghan was motivated by a passion for food issues and a frustration about the lack of quality food information available. Her vision is to shape services that give shoppers greater access to information at the store itself.
But shoppers are not the only ones that want to know where their food comes from. Grocery stores desire this information as well, because it gives them a greater ability to make your products noticeable in their stores.
Localize works closely with food producers to obtain accurate food information. They display this information clearly and credibly on their friendly online platform for both shoppers and grocers to view at their convenience.
Currently, the Localize program is running successfully in hundreds of grocery stores and giving grocers greater ability to highlight certain products, as well as research new products the shopper may be interested in.
At Canadian Rangeland, we link with the Localize Project because it helps us communicate the quality of our Western Canadian Bison products. Working with the Localize Project has helped us improve in-store sales and disseminate relevant product updates to both shoppers and grocers alike.


Created in 2012, the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance is a non-profit advocacy group aimed at raising awareness about Alberta’s food and travel experiences and developing culinary tourism attractions by linking initiatives with needed resources.
The Alliance also focuses on strengthening connection between government, tourism professionals, and culinary stakeholders, encouraging consistent, quality culinary tourism experiences, and identifying tangible ways to improve the Alberta region through sustainable culinary tourism.
A recent video, produced by Kevin Kossowan, details the ‘Aboriginal Appeal’ of Alberta’s culinary tourism scene. Bison have inhabited the wilds of Canada for hundreds of years, and the lean source of red meat was surely a staple of the aboriginal diet.
Kossowan’s video focuses on the bison as a symbolic icon of the Native American aboriginal diet and the free-range bison raising practices underway in the Alberta region. It speaks of our growing need to produce lean sources of red meat in a more humane manner and highlights culinary tourism’s role in promoting the consumption of bison in the Alberta region. The full video can be seen here: