Touring Season Is Upon Us!

The month of June started off as a busy one for ranch tours via a joint venture through Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk and Pilatus Ranches Ltd.
The first group that came out to see the bison at Pilatus Ranches was a group of 10 individuals from Germany. Due to a cold and damp weather day, the group was taken out in trucks to the field, where they were given the opportunity to watch the bison in action and ask questions. Seeing that this group was made up of individuals in the meat and retail industry, they had excellent questions and showed a great deal of enthusiasm for bringing bison products into Germany. After the tour, they were treated to a very tasty and filling burger and smokie lunch.
The next group consisted of approximately 20 individuals that all came from different parts of Europe, such as Italy, England, Germany, and Switzerland. It was a beautiful day for a tour, and as such, the tractor and ‘chariot’ were used as the method of transportation to and from the pasture. Again, being involved in the wholesale/retail industry, this group showed much enthusiasm and understanding of the value of bison products in Europe. It also helped that they were able to eat their fill of bison during a dinner hosted by Pilatus Ranches after their tour! Perhaps the most enjoyed product was the smoked bison from the Rangeland Meat Shop.
Pilatus Ranches also played host to a local tour group in June, with a visit from the accounting firm BDO. Even Lacombe Mayor, Mr. Grant Creasey, was along for this one! It would seem that the group of approximately 20 thoroughly enjoyed their tour and dining experience and were less than enthusiastic when it was deemed time to head back to the office.
The final June tour was made up of a group of approximately 15 individuals all working in the health care field. This group was thrilled at being out in the chariot to view the bison in their element during yet another beautiful, sunshine-filled day. Observing all the bison, as well as so many bison calves, was definitely a unique experience for this group. They certainly kept the crew at Pilatus Ranches on their toes with all their knowledgeable questions!
As a whole, all tours were very much enjoyed by all participants involved. Bets have been placed that we may be seeing some accountants and doctors at the next bison conference!
For more information on tours with Pilatus Ranches, please contact Michelle Lunty at or phone at 780-242-9663.
Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay bison strong.