Teaming Up with Meat Chops Snacks Canada!

For years, Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk has worked to bring our premium bison and elk meat, born and raised on the Western Prairies, to Canadians across the country and meat lovers beyond. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our regenerative collaboration with Meat Chops Snacks, as the trusted source for their bison products! 

About Meat Chops


Based in Saskatoon and first established in 2015, Meat Chops first began as Meat Chops Leather Shop, specializing in jerky and crafted leather products. The creative force and crafter, Chelsey Parker, was inspired by the open road that can only be fully appreciated from the view of a motorbike. Igniting an interest in and admiration for bovine animals and what they provide in meat and leather, Parker decided to embrace the stewardship of the land and its animals, and the traditions of craftsmanship long available to us.


The Meat Chops production process was designed by leading animal welfare and livestock scientist, Temple Gradin and her team. From there, they use only ethically sourced, grass-fed bison, elk, and beef beef to make delicious snacks—much like the road fuel jerky that kept Parker going on her own adventures. Learn more about the Meat Chop story here.


Incredible Meat Chops Snacks Selections


At Meat Chops, animal welfare and respect are some of the top priorities in selecting sources for their products, along with ensuring that the meat is of a high quality in taste and health. As such, they support local Canadian ranches that share their values. That consideration and attention to standards has resulted in them making absolutely delectable jerky treats. From their Bison Bites to their Elk Stix, Meat Chop Snacks are a must have whether you’re preparing for a road trip or just enjoying time at home.


To become a part of Meat Chops Snacks’ journey is a great privilege and a testament to the care we have for our herds, resulting in this regenerative collaboration. We’re excited for this partnership and providing Meat Chops customers with our high quality bison and elk meat!