Our Legacy

Our Legacy

$4 Million to Establish a Bison Herd at Lakeland College

A deep love for bison has always driven the people behind Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk. When the Muellers began raising their first bison herd in 2000, it was their passion that allowed them to overcome every hurdle and grow our company into a premier bison supplier across North America and Europe. It is that same passion that we hope to instill in students with our gift to Lakeland College and their animal science technology program.


In February 2020, Canadian Rangeland owners Armin and Rita Mueller donated $4 million in order to purchase land and start a new bison herd right at the college. With this money and new opportunities, Lakeland can expand their program as the only Canadian post-secondary school where students can actually manage bison for commercial purposes, along with beef, crop, dairy, and sheep enterprises. Additionally, students will also have more liberty to train in range and forage management, as well as participate in research projects with the Canadian Bison Association and other industry partners.


By giving students the opportunity to work directly with bison and develop that hands-on experience, the Muellers and Rangeland Bison & Elk hope to see more animal science and agricultural students aspire to raise bison themselves while maintaining the same dedication to sustainable agricultural practices that our own company has always spearheaded. As an animal with a strong place in Canadian history and imagination, we’re excited to see a future where new bison herds are filling the fields of Canadian ranches.

“We’re honoured that Armin and Rita have chosen to support Lakeland College and our students with this donation to Leading. Learning. The Lakeland Campaign. It’s the largest single gift Lakeland has ever received,” says [Dr. Alice] Wainwright-Stewart. “I admire Armin’s passion for the bison industry and dedication to sustainable agricultural practices. I know Lakeland and our students will benefit from this visionary investment for years to come.”