Our Favourite Bison Dinners

We find most Albertans need less help than they think coming up with ideas for how to use bison. Bison may not be identical to cattle, but many of our favourite cuts (like steak!) are available on both animals. When it comes to cooking with bison, we generally encourage our customers to experiment with their favourite beef recipes to create new combinations they love.


Is there anything better than a seasoned, homemade hamburger barbequed fresh, smothered in cheese, and waiting hot on a toasted bun? Yes. It’s a seasoned, homemade bison-burger barbequed fresh, smother in cheese, and waiting hot on a toasted bun. We recommend seasoning with just a hint of garlic, and salt and pepper to your preference. Choose lean bison that’s between 10-20% fat. Less than 10% fat and the meat will dry out, but over 20% leave you with a greasy tasting burger


Chili is a wonderful winter meal. There just isn’t anything quite like rich, spicy food to warm you up. Bison is an excellent substitute for beef in chili, so feel free to use your own favourite chili recipe and experiment! Will you load your chili with beans? Add some extra meaty-goodness? The choice is yours!


If you’re looking for an affordable and special meal to share with friends and family this year, look no further than bison stew. Stew utilizes a slow, moist cooking process that is perfect for turning less expensive cuts of meat into a feast fit for nobility. Stew is one of the oldest cooked meals and has been eaten since ancient times. There’s evidence that stew was cooked and consumed as early as 8000 years ago, and one of the oldest cookbooks ever found had numerous stew recipes. Follow the tradition! Try your favourite stew recipe with bison today.
What are some of your favourite ways to use bison? Share your photos (and recipes!) on our facebook page today!