ON LINE, The Future Of Grocery In The Retail Market – Marketer’s Pen #26

Online food shopping in the next ten years is expected to reach maturation far faster than any other industry that has come online before. Retailers and those who service the food retail industry need to learn new skills now and collaborate more seamlessly than ever before to effectively reach these food shoppers who are engaged on-line. Collaboration is a key focus that we at Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk see as strength and provide to our retail partners.
Over the past few years we have partnered with numerous on line shopping platforms that now successfully sell our products and promote the story of the Canadian Rangeland brand.
One of those partnerships is with SPUD Canada (www.spud.ca), who proudly service hundreds of communities throughout western Canada from four main distribution hubs. Their service platform blends well, the six important areas to Online Shoppers; trust, value, experience, assortment, convenience, and personalization.
In a report by Nielsen (www.nielsen.com) and Food Marketing Institute or (FMI), titled ‘The Grocery Reshaped by Digital,’ provides a comprehensive look into the behaviors and expectations of the on line food shopper. The report gives recommendations on how food marketers and manufacturers should prepare to engage shoppers of tomorrow. As stated by FMI (www.fmi.org) which represents the voice of food retail, it is expected that a significant number of brick and mortar businesses will move more towards the online shopping experience. This is due to their projection that by 2025, the share of online grocery spending could reach 20%, representing $100 Billion in annual consumer sales.
When we refer to edition 25 of our Marketers Pen, and review the insights and recommendations as stated within the report highlighted above, we can only assume that we are heading in the right direction. As we strengthen and expand product offerings with companies like SPUD, we are ensuring that the Canadian Rangeland brand will stay current, thus continuing to connect to the end user in the most prevalent mediums.
Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay bison strong.
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