Notes From This Marketer’s Pen #5

It’s time for another feature from This Marketer’s Pen, and for this one, we’d like to share with you a feel good story on the work that Canadian Rangeland does with the Edmonton Food Bank. Edmonton’s Food Bank (EFB) is a central warehouse that distributes almost half a million meals and snacks to over 210 agencies, churches, and food depots. The food bank serves more than 15,000 people each month with its food hamper program, as well as providing lunch and snack programs for high risk schools. As the organization does not receive any government funding, it relies on the commitment of donors to help them help others in need. Canadian Rangeland is proud to be one of these donors, and with the assistance of Tamisan Bencz-Knight, Manager of Strategic Relationships & Partnerships at the EFB, would like to provide our readers with information on some of the programs that have benefited from this contribution:

  • Action for Healthy Communities hosted a celebration of learning for their after-school program participants.
  • The Youth in Care Group Mentoring Program and the Girls TEAM Program with the Boys & Girls Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton took low-income youth to camp. The youth were required to do an outdoor meal on a bonfire and used bison smokies for this activity.
  • Fusion Fellowship/West End Outreach Centre held a community BBQ for low-income families.
  • The Salvation Army held an outreach BBQ to raise awareness for Aboriginal women who have been murdered or are missing, as well as bring awareness of human trafficking.
  • Catholic Social Services held an annual picnic where Canadian traditions and summer activities were shared with newcomers.
  • Edmonton John Howard Society hosted a client BBQ in the inner city.
  • Inner City Youth Development held a student BBQ for youth in the inner city high school.
  • Boyle Street Community Services held a BBQ for tenants at one of their apartment complexes to help promote community and establish supportive relationships.

As stated by Tamisan of the EFB, “Food is the common bonding denominator for everyone. Nurturing people’s minds and bodies feeds the soul and creates hope.” However, without our loyal producers, we would not be able to take part in helping organizations such as the Edmonton Food Bank. So we are thankful, and proud, that we are able to contribute to programs such as these, and ultimately, demonstrate the value and impact that the bison industry can have on others.
Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay bison strong.
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