Notes From This Marketer’s Pen #3

Well, it is once again time for another Marketer’s Pen story, and in this one we want to feature the Cook It Raw Program, and its association with the Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance (ACTA) and Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk.
The Cook It Raw (CIR) program was developed by Alessandro Porcelli, and is now in its 7th year. The program has visited destinations all over the world, such as Italy, Iceland, Japan, Poland, South Carolina, Mexico, Iceland, and now, together with the help of the ACTA, it is coming to Alberta!
The program will provide the exciting opportunity to showcase Alberta chefs, producers, farmers, and ranchers, all from a culinary viewpoint. The primary focus will be Alberta bison and beef, but will also be looking at Alberta pork, canola, barley, and wheat. Exhibiting raw ingredients, talented chefs, stunning locations, as well as the individuals behind the product, makes this program unique in its ability to provide a story and educate its audience members about where their food comes from. Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk, together with ACTA, will be taking the CIR program members and film crew out to the bison ranch of one of their primary producers, Pilatus Farms, out in Bentley, AB, on June 28. There, the selected chefs of the CIR program will get to interact with local producers, as well as experience viewing the bison in their natural environment. If they get extremely lucky, these creative young chefs may even be witness to a bison calf being born! Exploration and gaining a sense of place is fundamental to the philosophy of CIR. The hope is that the insight the chef’s gain from discovery and investigation will come through in their cooking techniques and perhaps inspire other food travellers to take to the trail!
As you can perhaps tell, Canadian Rangeland is excited for the opportunity to play a role in the creation of the Cook It Raw Alberta Program. There is so much going on outside of the day to day meat sales in the marketing side of things, and our hope is that events like these will continue to help promote and strengthen our industry!
Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay bison strong.
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