Notes From This Marketer’s Pen #21

It’s always a pleasure to host visitors and July was no different!
On July 22/2016 Steven & Michelle Lunty hosted, Shawn Thompson and the crew from Centennial Food Service Calgary, to a day on the farm. The Centennial crew was treated to an up-close and personal visit with the bison on the pastures west of Bentley. We are proud to be able to host partners of the industry to farm visits and the chance to introduce the bison in their own environment to the team of Centennial was just another great opportunity!
This is what Shawn had to say about their visit “Many thanks today for your time and wonderful hospitality. We truly enjoyed our visit and learned a lot. We look forward to working with you. Kind regards, Shawn & the Centennial Calgary Team”
We thank the team from Centennial for taking the time to come out to spend the day with us, to learn about the animals and our operation. Also we were very happy that we could share with them that the calf named “Norman” got up and rejoined the herd!
Originally founded in 1967 out of Montreal, Centennial based their foundation for success by building upon a network of beef cattle operations. Today, Centennial offers customers in this competitive Canadian market place a wide variety of protein options. For years Centennial Food Service and Canadian Rangeland have worked together to build on opportunities to bring an array of bison choices to food service and retail customers throughout Canada. We’re looking forward to a long and sustainable future in the bison industry with partners like Centennial Food Service working right along with us!
Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay bison strong.
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