Notes From This Marketer’s Pen #18

The month of May awakened the strength of Albertans and the kinship we all share as Canadians.
The natural disaster that plagued Fort McMurray has been unbearable to imagine. On May 13 & 14, 2016 with the support of Rangeland Meat Shop and dozens of other business within the community of Lacombe, we spearheaded and supplied all the burgers for a BBQ & Silent Auction Fundraiser, with 100% of the proceeds collected, donated to #ymmfirevictims. Here is a story shared by one of the event organizers.
“Today, I meet with several people from Fort Mac one of which was a young girl (maybe 13 years old). As I listened to this young lady speak about her experience last Tuesday, my body was overcome with despair. Zoey is her name, and she talked with heart felt passion about how her family fled from the fire, that they were sure was going to take them. I listened to the fear she still had in her voice, as she explained how her mom, sister and herself, had to get out of the city not knowing where her fathers was. I watch Zoey’s mother’s eyes well up in tears, as this young lady continued with her story, expressing how heroic her community (the people of Fort Mac) are. She explained how happy she was the moment that her dad was able to reconnect with them. Her father was forced to abandon his car, as it was overcome by heat and as such he walked to his family, essentially WALKED OUT OF FORT MAC. Through the flames, this man was able to meet up with his girls and his wife, who were stuck in grid lock, trying to get out of a city on fire. Her father really said nothing, yet listened intently as his eldest daughter relived the nightmare they had all experienced. They expressed, it was a Miracle that all the families of Fort Mac were all able to get out ALIVE and were hopeful to get home to start a new…”
We at Canadian Rangeland feel very privileged to have been able to organize this event with the support of the community of Lacombe, AB and together we raised over $10 000 all in support of those affected by the wild fires. You too can donate – visit to find out how.
Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay bison strong.
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