Notes From This Marketer’s Pen #16

Seasons greetings to everyone from all of us here at Canadian Rangeland!
For this edition of This Marketer’s Pen, we just wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the year we have had, and to express our gratitude as we head towards the end of one year and the beginning of another.
The team at Canadian Rangeland was kept busy this year, from the day to day events at the office to taking part in a variety of out of office events and activities. Among some of the highlights for Canadian Rangeland were taking part in the Alberta Cook it Raw program, as well as the Brewery & the Beast event that was in Calgary for a first time this past summer.
CRL was also very proud to be able to sponsor and support a variety of different events this year, from the Lacombe Canada Day festivities, to the Edmonton Food Bank, to of course the annual Canadian Bison Convention, just to name a few.
Not only was CRL involved in all of these above activities and events, but we were also kept busy attending local tradeshows, introducing a new website and logo, and to top it all off, even providing tours for some of our customers. It was our pleasure to be able to bring affiliates of Champion Pet Foods out to one of our larger producers farms to show them exactly how, and where, the bison are raised, and what goes into providing a quality end product.
Now, it may sound as if we are tooting our own horn in all of the above, and while we did have a busy and successful year, none of it would have been possible without the continuous support and commitment of our loyal producers, as well as our devoted customers. So we would like to take this opportunity to express this gratitude to all of those individuals, and families, that we have the pleasure of working with. From all of us here at Canadian Rangeland, we wish all of a you a truly magical Christmas and many blessings for the upcoming year; may 2016 be filled with joy, prosperity, a little luck, and of course, a multitude of bison!
Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay bison strong.
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