Notes From The Marketers Pen #1

Well, we feel it’s time to talk a bit more about this side of the industry. We hear much about what is going on in the producer world, so we thought we would shed some light on the marketing side of things. What about that middle man, who is trying desperately to stay on the good side of both the producer and the consumer? What are some of the issues they face? What are they doing to ‘market’ themselves to every part of the industry? In upcoming weeks and months, it will be the goal of Notes from the Marketers Pen to discuss all of these topics, as well as many more. As a third party certified marketing company, the team at Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk has the opportunity to work directly with bison producers, retailers, as well as consumers, and has done so for the past 15 years. Being involved in all the different components of the industry has given us the advantage of seeing current, as well as potential future trends. One of these, of course, is markets served.
At Canadian Rangeland Bison & Elk, we have built up a strong domestic market, which we will work hard to keep as our strongest market. However, as the demand for bison has increased these past few years, so too, have our markets, and we have seen a tremendous increase in our European meat sales. This increase in demand has without question increased prices, which we would suppose is a great thing for both producers and marketing companies alike. True, but only up until a certain point. With prices as high as they are right now, we have to ask the question: who does this NOT benefit? By the same token, we also have to ask: who do we, both as producers and marketers, DEPEND ON to keep the industry going? The answer to both these questions is of course, the CONSUMER.
Everything appears to be going incredibly well in the bison industry right now; prices are at an all time high, and it is for sure the right time to be a bison farmer. But for how long will this last? How long will a consumer continue to say, “why yes, I will pay more than I can likely afford for this product because it is a specialty meat and the healthy choice?” Well, we are starting to see and hear that this may not last much longer, especially from our overseas markets. And if we lose the flow of meat to European markets, who does hurt? That’s right, the PRODUCER.
So what can we do? Well, we need to draw the line that keeps everybody happy, from the producer, to the retailer, to the all important end user. We need to work together to keep the flow of markets going worldwide because ultimately, it comes back to support the Canadian bison industry. So let’s start looking long-term, and let’s work to create sustainability in the industry.
That’s all for this edition. Thanks for reading and please tune in next time where the topic of discussion will surround the importance and value of the word: local.
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