Marketers Pen

It’s been a while since the team here at Canadian Rangeland has shared – yet we are excited to be back and part of the industry conversation through our now monthly Marketers Pen articles.
Today, The Rangeland Salesforce is taking the next steps by empowering our customers to use a real-time platform for customer service. Last year we launched a new website, and now we are introducing a new On-Line Customer Resource Hub! The Customer Resource Hub can be found on our web page, and from there customers can download items like; company brochures, claim forms, company policies, spec sheets, animal welfare audit, and more.
The online resource HUB is still in the infancy stages, so new things will be added regularly. We will continue to expand the number of customers who will have access to the login section.
Additionally; a new feature has been added which will foster real-time feedback through on-line chat. On-Line Chat is a new experience, which allows users to privately share their opinions and questions while they are resourcing bison sales tools and aids, right from the Rangeland Customer Resource Hub. On-line Chat messaging is a simple way for users to transition from simply accessing a web page and pulling resources to a private direct message with our company, in real time.
Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay bison strong.

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