How Wapiti Can Help With Your Healthy Eating Resolution

In our last blog, we talked about how bison is a great option for any Canadian hoping to eat better this New Year. But bison isn’t the only great meat available to those seeking healthier options, wapiti (or elk as it’s commonly called) is also a tasty and nutritious choice.


Wapiti is a healthy option for any meat-eater. Its protein content is well above that of beef and lamb while its fat and cholesterol levels are lower than virtually any other commonly eaten red meat. In fact, wapiti is such a healthy choice that the American Heart Association titled it “The Heart Smart Red Meat.”


Wapiti is a deliciously tender meat that requires no marinating or prep. And don’t worry about not having enough cuisine ideas: you can use wapiti meat in any recipe that calls for beef. While wapiti and beef have similar flavours, wapiti tends to cook faster as it’s significantly lower in fat. Use lower heat and less time to reduce your chance of overcooking it.


Because elk is higher in protein and lower in fat than many other meats, you’ll be consuming fewer calories when you eat a serving of elk. This is great news for any Canadians hoping to lose weight this year.
Is weight loss and eating well one of your 2016 goals? The bison and elk experts at Rangeland can help! All of our animals are born and raised on the great plains of Alberta, and they offer a healthier alternative to more common meats like poultry and beef. If you want to meet your health goals without giving up hamburgers and steak, elk is likely one of the best options for you. Contact us today to place your order.