How Can Eating Bison Help With Your Resolutions?

Have you joined the millions of other Canadians who have made a resolution to be healthier and happier this year? What about a resolution to help the planet and be more environmentally friendly? Well the team at Rangeland is here to help, and fortunately healthy, environmentally-conscious eating has never tasted better!


Many people argue that vegetarianism is the best way to protect the environment, but those individuals fail to take into account the huge amount of resources that are spent getting food to Canada during the winter months. Bananas sure don’t grow in Ontario and quinoa, one of the health foods of choice, has all sort of social problems surrounding it (read: poor families in countries that grow quinoa not getting the nutrition they need because rich countries are buying all the quinoa). Instead, many environmentalists suggest eating locally grown foods just like the bison at Rangeland which are raised right here in Alberta.


Did you know that bison have a symbiotic relationship with the grasslands of western Canada? They evolved together, and bison prevent any grasses from getting out of check while simultaneously providing the perfect fertilizer. In fact, it’s been suggested that prairies under the care of grass-fed bison actually help to prevent global climate change. Cattle on the other hand were brought to North America from Europe. They ruin natural vegetation and contribute a ton of methane with little benefit offered to the land they graze on.
Bison meat is empirically healthier than beef. It’s richer in protein and naturally leaner. The fats that bison does have are also an important part of a healthy diet. Grass-fed bison naturally contain far more omega-3 fats than cattle.
Whether you’re trying to save the planet, eat healthier, or both, we recommend bison as your go-to meat. If you have any questions about how our bison are raised or where you can buy meat, contact us today at 1-877-844-2231.