Great Food, Memorable Experience – Bison

Bison brings a new level of excitement, taste, and nutrition to the table. It not only tastes great but it is good for you too.
Canadian bison are raised without the use of growth stimulants or antibiotics in their feed. They spend a majority of their life grazing on forage with some produces finishing their bison on grass while other finish on grains.
Bison is truly North American meat with great taste and has a nutritional profile that fits in perfectly with today’s trends for a healthier, more natural diet. Bison is low in fat. It is nutrient dense because of the proportion of protein, fat, mineral an fatty acids to its caloric value. A single serving of bison provides much of the daily protein, iron and zinc requirements, plus most of the antioxidant selenium that the body needs each day.
The Canadian Bison Association is honoured to be a small part of this JUNO Gala Dinner & Awards Presentation. Bison is prepared by JUNO Award winner and celebrity award winning chef Roger Mooking paired with Corby Spirit and Wine Ltd. products will create a memorable dining experience at this prestigious event.
Good luck to all the nominees.
Have a memorable dining experience!
Canadian Bison Association