FAQ About Canadian Bison Grading

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We are a leader within the Bison industry. Our history of support towards the industry keeps our company ahead of the curve, but we want you our valued customers, to be able to obtain the same level of brand and quality awareness for our products. This includes our commitment to share with you information & education about our brand and premium quality meats. Supplying you with the most current and accurate information available, arms you with the confidence that you are being supplied with premium Canadian Rangeland Bison meat.


The Canadian bison grading system is a valuable tool, implemented by the bison industry to set a comparable standard in carcass quality for Canadian bison, enforced by independent certified graders the day after slaughter. Though it is a mandatory condition for any exports of Canadian bison to Europe only, we at Rangeland are one of the few marketers that voluntarily get almost all bison graded which are harvested at Canadian Premium Meats.
Canadian Bison Grading includes three grade levels based on the harvested animal’s age and finishing levels:
Grade A: youthful animal, excellent to good muscling, fat color white to amber, firm, meat color bright red, fat measurement >2mm
Grade B: youthful animal, excellent to medium muscling, fat color white to yellow, firm, meat color bright to dark red, fat measurement <2mm Grade D: mature animals, excellent to medium muscling, no requirements for fat and meat color
More questions about the industry or grading? Please take a moment to review or visit www.canadianbison.ca, where you will find these standards and addition information on the Canadian Bison Industry.
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