Cooking With Wapiti

Earlier this month we shared a blog on a few of the mouth-watering bison recipe ideas we love. You can read about those bison dinners here, but today we want to talk about cooking with wapiti (also known as elk) meat. While living wapiti may not resemble cattle quite as much as bison do, elk meat can still be used to replace beef in most recipes.


One of the recipes we came across recently was bacon wrapped elk backstrap. Now we stand by our love of bison and wapiti meat, but bacon is a very close third place winner. And one of our favourite things about this recipe is the combination of bacon with wapiti. Wapiti is an incredibly healthy meat. It’s high in protein, and really low in fat. Adding bacon to the elk, creates a juice masterpiece. Just season, wrap, and barbeque. Dinner’s done in 30 minutes.


As we mentioned earlier, you can use elk meat just about anywhere you’d use beef, and that includes tacos! Elk goes great with tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, bell peppers, and many of the other veggies found in tacos. Plus because wapiti so low in fat, you can load up on the sour cream guilt free!


If you’re looking to impress, this elk recipe is the way to go. We love that the combination of savoury delicious wapiti meat with scrumptiously sweet blueberries. It’s fairly quick to make and not particularly complicated, but tastes great and, if garnished with blueberries and a side salad, is a classy entree to serve to guests.

At Rangeland, we love cooking with wapiti. Wapiti burgers, wapiti meatloaf, wapiti stew, wapiti whatever. Like bison, elk is a hugely versatile meat. It’s all about finding the right recipe for you and remembering to stock up on our fresh, Alberta elk!